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5 Ways Every Home Can Conserve Water in Mesa

Conserve Water

The weather in Mesa, Arizona can be pretty hot during the warmer months, which is why it’s essential to stay well-hydrated. To cut your monthly expenses, you might think about re-evaluating your water usage. Luckily, there are a few things you can do around the house to conserve this precious resource.

You can learn more about water conservation, the best water filtration, and how do water treatment plants work in our other blogs. If you want to save gallons of water, especially drinking water, you can call on our plumbing Mesa AZ experts to minimize your water footprint.

Water conservation isn’t just for the government; it’s something we should all be concerned about when living in the desert. Mesa averages only 9 inches of rain per year, and much of the water is concentrated in summer during the monsoon season, early fall, and late spring months. We’re in a semi-arid climate, and our water supply is not unlimited. Actually, by next year we will more than likely be in a drought and will have our water usage regulated daily. Therefore, it is a good idea to start thinking about different ways to conserve water.

Here are some ways to conserve water

Turn off water taps when not in use

Turning off taps is one of the most effective ways to save water in Mesa. Turning off taps when they are not being used is a simple yet effective way to conserve water—allowing water to run while preparing food, washing dishes, and doing laundry wastes a lot of water without you even knowing it. An easy way to help reduce water usage is adopting such a habit.

Check and fix leaks

Leaky pipes and plumbing fixtures waste a lot of water and money. A great way to help conserve water and save money is to check your home for leaks and fix them as fast as possible, especially those little ones occurring every day. Those small leaks add up over time and can even go unnoticed due to their slow drip. If you do not check, you will not see how much water is being wasted. If you do have a leak that you need help with, call us at P&L Plumbing, we are happy to help.

Reuse water

In this age of seemingly endless water conservation tips, the idea of using leftover water from one activity for another can seem a bit far-fetched. Yet, that is precisely what reusing water is all about — rinsing dishes to use as watering for your garden or flushing your toilet with less water than you usually would (at least if you use the following tips). The use of rinse water may save you half of your total tap water consumption.

Use products promoting sustainable living

Every home can conserve water. You play your role by installing water saving shower heads, repairing leaky faucets, and monitoring your air conditioner’s efficiency.

As for toilet tank level, you may need to check up to which maximum possible level of water is enough to be able to flush. Using a dual flush toilet is another way to save water this way. You may consider plant drought resistant lawns which require less water. Combined with efficient watering systems, you can even save gallons of water everyday.

You may use a high efficiency washing machine. These washing machines use only 50% of the water required to wash the same amount of clothes. Better yet, they only require 50% less power to do the same job as normal washers. If it takes you 10 to 20 gallons of water to wash your clothes per loading, then it will only require five to ten gallons to do the same job.

Compost vegetable food waste is another way of making your soil moisture retention better, thereby your lawn requiring less water. Doing garbage disposal sparingly has the added benefit of reducing the overall water footprint for the entire State.

Rinse and repeat

Rinse and Repeat is one of the best water-saving tips every household can use, and here’s why. Rinse your dishes to reduce the amount of water you use overall. Also, wiping off your dishes before rinsing will do more than rinse. Every dish, bowl, dishwasher, sink, etc., has a non-distinguishable quantity of water actually left inside. By wiping each dish or bowl before rinsing them out fully, you will further reduce the amount of water required to clean your dishes effectively.

Parting Shot

With water conservation efforts in many states, it’s important to make every last drop count. Watching your house water meter starting today is a good start. Take advantage of these creative water-saving techniques to save your money as well as the environment. Besides, they are efficient ideas for all areas of your home, giving a desirable impression to the entire family.

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