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Helpful Plumbing Tips from P&L Plumbing

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Helpful Tips from Your Local Mesa Emergency Plumber

As a homeowner, one of the many responsibilities is to maintain the maintenance and repair of the home’s plumbing. Since a home functions best when all systems are running smoothly, homeowners should make it a priority to work with only the most experienced plumbers. These service providers should be highly trained in all aspects of plumbing work.

Additionally, it is certainly helpful for homeowners to be familiar with basic plumbing issues and how to resolve them. Not only does this save time and money, but it also helps keep the plumbing system from developing more critical problems down the road. After all, it only takes one small crack to allow moisture in that can cause a serious mold problem if not handled quickly and effectively.

Tips for Handling Plumber Emergencies

To keep your plumbing in tip-top shape, consider these P&L Plumbing tips:

Inspect your plumbing on a regular basis

Keep a close eye on potential problem areas, such as bathtubs, sinks, faucets, and toilets. These areas are where you are most likely to find leaks. Other signs to look for include a toilet that rocks, dampness in cabinets and counters, or water puddles under the bathtub, sink or toilet.

Get familiar with your home’s shut-off valve

If you were to ever have a leaking plumbing line, you’ll want to get to that shut-off valve immediately to stop the flow of water. Shutting the valve off in the event of a major leak will also help you to have much less of a mess to clean up! If you have already called for a plumber, shutting off the water main supply will enable them to do the repair far more quickly and easily. You may also want to know where the valve key is and make sure you have flashlights on hand to inspect dark areas.

Buy a few basic plumbing tools

It’s always good for homeowners to have a few basic tools for repairs around the house, and plumbing is no different. Among the most important tools to have on hand are a plunger, pipe wrench, and a snake to unclog toilets and sewers. It’s a good idea to keep a plunger in every bathroom and the kitchen. No one likes to go hunt for one when the need arises!

Having these tools around the house can help you deal with small issues effectively. Problems such as leaky faucets, a stopped up toilet, or clogged drains can usually be resolved without calling a plumber if you have the right tools.

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