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How Much Does Hydro-jetting Cost

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When it comes to drain cleaning or backed-up pipes, hydro-jetting is rarely the first choice. People usually prefer to have their pipes or drains snaked to remove any obstacle rather than using hydro-jetting. This is because hydro jetting cost is much higher than snaking or chemical drain cleaners.

However, despite the hydro jetting cost, hydro-jetting services is a solution that delivers more effective results than snaking. Even though it costs more than any other method, the hydro-jet removes the biggest or the most stubborn blockages especially deep within the sewer line. Let’s find out what is hydro-jetting? How does hydro jetting work? And if hydro jetting cost is really worth it?

Aside from this topic about hydro jetting cost, we have other topics available on our site ranging from hydro jetting vs snaking to water heating maintenance. You can learn more from P&L Plumbing, the experts in hydro jetting services and drain cleaning in Arizona.

What Is Hydro-jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a method that uses highly pressurized water to clean a clogged drain or pipe. The process helps to get rid of the build-up on the insides of a sewer line or pipe or drain.

Why Is Hydro-jetting Necessary?

When it comes to clearing the build-up and reducing the chances of recurring clogs, hydro-jetting is better than snaking. From grease to tree roots or debris, hydro-jetting removes everything. It helps the piping system to last longer and is safer to use in all kinds of pipes. Whether you need stubborn clogs in your main sewer line, or to deal with multiple drains, then you can rely on a hydro jet to do its job.

When Is Hydro-jetting Required?

When the main drainage system is impaired with a severely clogged pipe, you need to use hydro-jetting. When the plumbing system blocks up completely, the dirty water will find its way back into your house, even if it’s from the main sewer line or sewer pipes.

Fortunately, hydro-jetting can solve the drainage issues by pumping high-pressure water into the pipes. Hydro-jetting also prevents hazardous waste backups in the future.

Even though snaking or using chemical agents to clear up the clogs is inexpensive, it doesn’t always work. For clogs that are severe or further down in your drain system, you need hydro-jetting. Despite hydro jetting cost being higher, hydro jetting can give more value for the money, especially in the hands of quality plumbing services.

How Much Does It Actually Cost?

The hydro-jetting costs mostly depend on the location and the nature of the clogged sewer line or a drainage problem including the amount of time required to solve it.

For residential purposes, a hydro-jetting service may cost ranging from $250 to $600. Keep in mind that the removal of tree roots is a tedious job that may raise the hydro jetting costs. Frequently scheduled hydro jet services can help you eliminate the build-up of stubborn clogs.

For commercial purposes, hydro-jetting costs more than usual as it needs more time. Additionally, commercial establishments call for a camera inspection aside from drain cleaning and solving a clogged main sewer line, for instance, to examine the condition of the pipe before the service. So service may cost ranging from $300 to $400. If we are dealing with the main sewer line, then the cost of hydro jetting might be higher as sewer jetting may require more substantial equipment and time.

Compared to the thousands of dollars you would have to spend to install a complete sewer pipe system replacement job, the cost of hydro-jetting is nothing.

Final Thought

The average cost of sewer pipe repairing could range from $1000 to $7000. But using hydro-jetting helps stop the clog from coming back again as it blasts the debris out of the pipes that attract and collect it. So regular pipe cleaning by hydro-jetting actually saves you money in the long run as it saves you more substantial future plumbing costs. Hydro jet cleaning also has an additional advantage by smoothing the sides of pipes making them less susceptible to heavier hydro jetting requirements later on.

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