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How to Correctly Install a Water Softener in Chandler

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Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Installing a Water Softener

If you live in Chandler, Arizona, dealing with hard water issues every day must be more than a nuisance. It stains sinks and causes buildup in your faucets and pipes. It also reduces the cleaning power of your detergent and shortens the lifespan of your water heater. And that’s why you need a water softener to remove minerals from your hard water.

Unless you have some experience with plumbing, installing a water softener in your Chandler household can be quite tricky. This post will show you how you can avoid some common mistakes when attempting for the first time.

Let’s take a look at the simple steps you need to follow to correctly install your water softener.

Shut off water supply

Shut off the water supply and water heater’s power supply. Then open the bottom-floor faucets and drain the water from the pipes.

Where to install your water softener

Place your water softener as close to the water loop as possible. This protects your home’s fixtures and appliances from mineral damage.

Cutting and installing the pipes

Compression fittings that come with the water softener are used to attach the pipes to the unit. There will be two pipes sticking out of the wall. One of these supplies the untreated water to your water softener and the other one funnels the treated water out of your softener to your appliances.

Clamping the drain Hose to the softener

After the fittings of the pipes, you need to clamp the drain hose to your water softener and run it to a drain or utility sink. Make sure the hose is at least 2 inches above a drain hole. This helps to prevent the back siphoning of the wastewater.

Connecting the brine tank’s overflow tube

Most water softener comes with the manufacturer instructions on how to assemble this. But make sure that the overflow’s discharge is not positioned higher than the overflow fitting. It must be positioned lower than that.

Switching the bypass valve to the active position

To flush out sediment and expel air in the pipes, set the bypass valve to the “bypass” position and turn on the water. Open the valves to the water heater and turn on the power and the gas valve back on.

Setting the valve to the backwash position

Press and hold the “Regenerate” button until the valve advances to the backwash position.

Plugin the power cord

After filling the tank with water and salt, press the “Regenerate,” button again and allow the unit to cycle to its next stage.

Installing water softeners sometimes requires a thorough knowledge of water pipes and other water softener factors. A faulty plumbing system can raise a lot of issues like low water pressure, unpleasant smell and even warping within the floors and walls. That’s why it’s in your best interest to hire a professional to install a water softener.

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