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Hydro Jetting Services In Mesa

Sewer systems like any system are susceptible to breakdowns and require regular maintenance to stay in the best condition possible and perform as intended.

Reactionary services like cabling the sewer lines after a blockage has already occurred often doesn’t address the underlying causes of the sewer blockage and doesn’t stop the toilets, sinks, bath, or shower from backing up with smelly black water and sewage. 

The EPA states that “To maintain its proper function, a sewer system needs a cleaning schedule.” 

We used Kevin & Kyle to help us with the sewer blockage that we had in our sewer line. They recommended that they Hydro Jet my sewer lines that it would help the issue. Had we know that we could have had this Hydro jetting services on a yearly basis and wouldn't have caused us so much $$. WE would have signed up for it. Now that we know what happens when you don't have them cleaned. We will be using P&L plumbing to hydro jet our sewer lines every year.
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Hydro Jetting Services In Mesa, AZ

What is Hydro- Jetting?

Hydro-Jetting is a method of cleaning a home, business, or commercial and industrial sewer waste system using high-pressure water. It’s recommended that these sewer systems are hydro jetted for preventative maintenance, the frequency depends on the type of property and usage rate, which our plumbers will happily discuss with you. Most hydro jetters come on trailers and have 250′-500′ hoses which you can attach a variety of cutting and cleaning heads in order to meet the needs of any situation within the sewer system.   Once running, the jetter heads spray water out from the front, back, and sides at pressures as high as 4,000 PSI, cleaning, flushing, and clearing the lines of nearly all foreign materials.

Hydro Jetting is effective in sewer lines from 2″-12″  for:

* Removal of debris

*Grease and sludge build-up

*Clearing blockages

*Cutting and removing tree roots intrusions

*Lined or Coated sewer systems

Is Hydro-jetting the same as Sewer Jetting?

Hydro Jetting is known for many things such as Hydro Jetting, Sewer Jetting, High-Pressure Washing, Main Line Cleaning, Drain Line Cleaning,  Sewer Washing, Sewer Cleaning, and others, however, they all describe the same process. A trailer or other mode of transport contains a water tank with a high-pressure hose that can be as long as 500ft. Different types of heads are attached to the end of the hose to perform different functions such as grease break and removal, or root cutting and wall cleaning. A pump raises the pressure up to as much as 3000 psi which pushes the head through the line while it performs its job. Pulling the hose back and forth along the pipes gives them a thorough cleaning which should keep most sewers working properly for the next couple of years.

Hydro Jetting & Sewer Lining Coating

Sewer Lining and Coating is the newest technology for reinstating existing sewer systems that have failed. Oftentimes these repairs can be done with little to no physical damage to the property, which is the main benefit of these systems. Once a home has had this repair made, traditional methods of drain cleaning and maintenance cannot be used, as it will void the warranty on the Lining or Coating. The only method to clean or clear a clogged drain that has been Lined or Coated is via Hydro Jetting, per the manufacturer of these systems. The reason for this is that while hydro jetting is powerful and effective,  the water is soft on the lining and coating, not harsh and abrasive like traditional mechanical drain cleaning methods. A drain snake has cutting heads that can chip, scrape, and shave the Lining or Coating causing problem areas where debris can hang up and other issues could arise.

Mesa Sewer Jetting Services:

Whether you’re a First Time Home Buyer, or a Commercial Property Management Company, P&L Plumbing has a solution to your sewer maintenance needs and can help you come up with a customized maintenance program that can help extend the life of your existing sewer and reduce the chances for emergency service calls due to blockages.

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Washington D.C. https://www3.epa.gov/npdes/pubs/sewcl.pdf

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Hydro Jetting Services

P&L Plumbing Service offers fast, reliable, and quality Hydro Jetting service at the best price. Call us at (480) 649-4400 today to schedule an appointment.