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Hydro-jetting vs. Snaking


Whether it’s commercial plumbing or residential plumbing, keeping clean pipes by drain cleaning should be your number 1 priority. Clogged pipes due to stubborn clogs can lead to slow draining damage and line breaks. And that’s why you need to address these issues immediately. So if you are experiencing clogged pipe or sewer line problems, then you have two options: hydro-jetting vs snaking.

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro-jetting is a drain cleaning solution for drain and sewer pipes. It is basically a high-pressure hose, that has a nozzle affixed on the end. The highly pressurized water comes from the nozzle which is usually pressurized to at least 3000 PSI.

The force of the water has to be sufficient enough to break up the clogs and dislodge any debris that’s inside the line. Whether you are dealing with a sewer line that has portions of tree roots clogging it, the hydro jetting method is the way to go.

Pros Of Hydro-jetting


It works well for clearing out clogged sewer lines. It also prevents future clogs from forming as it smoothens the inner texture of the pipe wall. A hydro jet is a powerful enough tool to remove even tree roots and other stubborn clogs.

No Chemical Use

Hydro Jetting works by using just pressurized water to clean the sewer lines. So you don’t have to use any hazardous chemicals or harsh elements to clean out hardened debris or clogs when using hydro jetting compared to a chemical drain cleaner.


With a high enough PSI, Hydro Jetting can be used for both commercial sewer lines, sewer drains, or for residential purposes. Drain snaking can reach challenging areas. Professional plumbers can use the plumbing snake to deal with a wide range of clogs.

Cons Of Hydro Jetting

Not For DIY Lovers

Hydro-jetting is not an easy cleaning solution for homeowners. If you have more fragile or older pipes with serious clogs, then the high pressure used for hydro-jetting can damage your sewer lines. You need to call a professional plumbing service provider to inspect the pipes. They use a video camera to ensure the pipes are strong enough to handle the pressure.

What Is Snaking?

Snaking is a cleaning solution that uses a tool called an auger. The plumbers can sometimes carry the plumbing auger to any area within the property. Unlike hydro-jetting which uses a high-pressure water jet, it’s a steel cable with a cork-screw-like coil that is designed to penetrate and break up clogs, sometimes called a drain snake.

Pros Of Snaking

Doesn’t Damage Fragile Pipes

If your pipes are too weak to withstand the force of the water pressure to clear clogs of hydro-jetting, then snaking might be the right option for you because it won’t give force that is strong enough to damage pipes.


This method is a proven method for clearing debris or clogs in sewer lines.

Cons Of Snaking

Limited Ability To Remove Clogs

The auger can only clear the path as wide as its tip. So basically, it makes a hole in the clogs. So it’s only suited if the clogs are minor. Even though it’s a common method for cleaning, it only provides temporary relief from clogged drains. If you need to remove tree roots or hardened toilet paper, then hydro-jetting would be able the right method.

Which Is A Better Option?

It depends on the kind of clog you have to deal with at the moment. If it’s not shallow clogs, your only choice is hydro-jetting. If it’s not a deep sewer line clog, snaking alone will provide you 100% cure for the problems. For instance, most plumbers might try using an auger at first if they suspect only minor clogs.

The Wrap-up

At P&L Plumbing, we offer quality service at the best price. So if you are facing sewer maintenance issues, call us at (480) 649-4400 to schedule an appointment. Whether it is by hydro-jetting and snaking,, we also offer free estimation and consultation. For more inquiries, feel free to contact us any time or visit our website at P&L Plumbing!

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