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Plumber Essential Tools Every Plumber Should Bring

plumber essential tools

Regardless of the plumber’s expertise, whether they are master plumbers or journeyman plumbers, they will always need to bring essential plumbing tools with them in their trucks. In the case of P&L plumbers, we also bring along hydro-jetting equipment and all the tools required for water heater repairs. However, astute plumbers should always bring along the following plumbing tools for most plumbing jobs. Here is a checklist of what every plumber should have at a minimum:

The Essential Plumbing Tool Checklist

These tools are readily available in the plumbing business and are indispensable partners to ensure a quick and efficient job. Any service plumber should always have these tools in their toolbox to be able to take on any plumbing job. Here is the plumbing tools list for the professional plumber:

Adjustable Wrench

Aside from a set of pipe wrenches, the most experienced plumbers usually take an adjustable wrench with them to save time when dealing with pipes in multiple sizes. These adjustable wrenches are indispensable for plumbing fixture repair or air conditioning pipes. The best adjustable wrenches have a narrow head design to allow plumbers to work in limited and narrow spaces.

Cartridge Puller

Though some plumbers use different methods to remove cartridges during repairs on leaky pipes, a cartridge puller saves time when pulling out old or damaged cartridges without damaging the pipe allowing the plumber to prevent leaks right after repairing the fixture. A faucet valve seat wrench can also do similar tasks.

Straight Pipe Wrench Set

A set of pipe wrenches is an essential tool for every plumber, and most plumbers should have a set in their toolbox. These allow for working with larger diameter pipes efficiently.

Telescoping Basin Wrench

This type of wrench allows the plumber to make under-sink repairs efficiently. The basin wrench, especially with a telescoping design, can allow adjustment of the length to suit every kind of under-sink repair tasks and installations.

Plumber’s Tape

A plumber’s tape can also be called Teflon tape or thread-sealing tape. A thread seal tape is handy when ensuring the pipe threads to fit snuggly, producing a watertight seal.

Plastic Pipe Cutters

Plastic pipe cutters attach to any electric drill to efficiently cut PVC or plastic pipes. Without these, plumbers might need to use hacksaws. However, hacksaws won’t be usable in tight and narrow spaces.

Shower Valve Socket Wrench

Since many calls involve shower valve repairs, professional plumbers consider having these female-type wrenches in their toolbox. Though other tools can do the same job, a specially-designed shower valve socket wrench can save time for the plumber when removing shower valves. Moreover, using these tools will prevent damaging the socket.

Drain Snake

One of the most common plumbing complaints are clogged drains. A Drain snake is one of the basic plumbing tools to quickly solve most clogged or blocked drain cases.

Faucet Key

This simple-looking tool is used to drive screws and bolts with a hexagonal socket efficiently. These can close spigots and sillcocks effectively as well.

Plumber’s Torch

When you need to braze large-diameter copper pipes, heat treat pipes, or simply carry out heat soldering tasks, having a self-igniting gas plumber’s torch is a handy tool. Plumbers may also carry reliable heat shields along with their plumber’s torch.

Hacksaw Plumbers

Though alternatives are available, hacksaw plumbers are still helpful when cutting pipes, especially those made of galvanized steel, before installing them.

Toilet Auger

The problem occurs in most toilet clogs in the drain’s first section. A toilet auger is similar to a drain snake but specifically designed to reach the section where most toilet drain clogs occur.

Copper Pipe and Tubing Cutters

Specialized tubing cutters allow plumbers to cut copper piping efficiently. These can also be useful when cutting brass pipes.

Plumber’s Putty

A plumber’s putty is a malleable clay-like substance used when installing plumbing fixtures. These can make a watertight seal around drains, faucets, and other plumbing parts. These can also seal pipes after installation.

Basin Wrench

Since many plumbing tasks may involve working with faucets, a basin wrench is specifically designed for work with replacing faucets. They are T-shaped and have clamps to help them reach narrow and tight spaces to tighten nuts and bolts.

Safety Tools

Since plumbers are highly professional, they also take their safety into account. Gloves, goggles, and heat shields are essential tools, significantly when cutting, soldering, or doing heavy pipe work.

Takeaways: For Your Plumbing Repair Needs in Gilbert and the East Valley Area – You Can Always Rely on P&L Plumbing to Bring Along the Right Tools for You

As experts in the plumbing business, we know that taking too much time to finish a plumbing job will drive the plumbing service cost even more. That is why we always bring around the tools required. In addition to this list, we also have press-fitting systems and the necessary tools to repair sewer lines and other challenging plumbing tasks. The tools we presented are also ideal for DIY home improvement projects. Still, plumbing businesses should also consider that the plumber’s job is executed efficiently by having their plumbing toolbox well stocked.

To know more about our plumbing service, call us at (480) 649-4400 or send us an SMS at (602) 693-1378. You may also book an appointment by visiting this page.

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