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At P&L Plumbing, we have been serving the people of Mesa, AZ for more than 30 years. We are a local plumbing company in Mesa that offers repair services and installation, we have professional plumbers that are ready to serve any of your plumbing needs.  Our motto is to deliver quality and on-time services at the best price. Whatever residential plumbing issues or emergency plumbing services you may have, we will take care of them for you. 

Residential plumbing covers all the aspects of plumbing services for your home including having a plumbing emergency. From plumbing inspection, plumbing repair, slab leak repair, water heater repair, sewer line repair leakage, drainage problems, faulty faucets, and the kitchen sink to the soggy basement or frozen pipes. Homeowners who recently moved house or renovated need services from residential plumbing the most. 

In this article, we will focus on how residential plumbing services in Mesa, AZ can make your life easy, and when you should call P&L Plumbing for residential plumbing services in Mesa, AZ

It’s time to call P&L Plumbing Services if your sink is slow to drain: 

Does your sink or washroom fill up while washing dishes or showering? It can be due to clogged pipes. The plumber will use special tools to dislodge any troublesome clogs.

Call P&L Plumbing Services for help if the water pressure is weak: 

If you have to spend a lot of time washing away the shampoo or soap then poor water pressure can be the main reason. In most cases, it is caused by a small clog in the faucet. Call P&L Plumbing to fix up this problem as soon as possible. 

Facing a serious back-flow issue: 

It is disgusting to see back-flow water springing from sink or bathroom tiles. By closing the main water valve your plumber can tackle the problem.

If your toilet is gurgling up, it’s time to call P&L Plumbing Services for help: 

If your toilet starts gurgling as soon as you start your shower at that moment you know that something is wrong. There is a high chance of water spilling out into your home. So cut off your water and call experts before it gets any worse.

No water is coming out : 

Your heart will sink if you turn on the shower and see that nothing is coming out. Since most of your plumbing is confined within walls or underground, it’s tough to pinpoint the issue. On the other hand, a plumber will detect the source by using diagnostic tools and work accordingly. That’s why, to solve this issue, call P&L Plumbing Services right away. 

In case of burst pipes:

In winter pipes can burst when the water inside it freezes. Residential plumbing service providers, such as P&L Plumbing Services in Mesa, AZ, can start right away and save you from costing a fortune. They can even stop a leak before it’s happening if they notice any bulging under abnormal pressure. 

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Call Residential Plumbing for Running toilet: 

You have flushed your toilet a long time ago which is still running! When the seal that connects your toilet tank to its bowl is damaged, water is leaked in. This signals the tank to keep refilling again and again. Experts can solve this problem with tools and skills. 

When your basement is damp and soggy:

Your basement may remain damp due to leakage in pipes, faulty insulation, and weather coat. So call P&L Plumbing Services to fix it. 

Why you should hire P&L Plumbing for residential plumbing in Mesa, AZ 

Mesa is one of the safest metropolitan cities to live in. At P&L Plumbing, we provide quick residential plumbing services so that your stay in this city becomes more worthy and enjoyable. We have over 30 years of experience. With our services, you will have at least a 1-year warranty on all repairs. In the case of drain cleanings, it’s 30 days. If it backs up within that time we will clean it and provide camera inspection free of cost.

Get A Free Estimate:

P&L Plumbing Service offers fast, reliable, and quality service at the best price. Call us at (480) 649-4400 today to schedule an appointment. At P&L Plumbing, we offer a free and no-obligation consultation. For more inquiry visit us at P&L Plumbing Service! 

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We are family owned plumbing company located in Mesa Arizona. We offer a variety of residential plumbing services that can help you with any plumbing problems and any other service related to plumbing.

P&L Plumbing is a local and family owned plumbing business. We proudly serve Mesa and the entire EAST VALLEY (and the surrounding areas) for your plumbing needs. P&L Plumbing focuses on the home and the plumbing issues that surround it. Whether it’s leaky pipes, a backed up sewer line, or something wrong with your sinks, we can take care of those issues for you.

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