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The Importance of Sewer Line Inspection

sewer line inspection importance

Have you purchased an old house? Are you experiencing sewer line problems? If so, you’re not alone. Sewer problems are common in older homes and can be costly to repair if left untreated. The good news is that there are steps you can take to prevent sewer line problems from happening in the first place.

If you want to ensure the lifespan of your sewer line, then inspections are the key. Regular inspections, along with maintenance, can help to avoid an untimely sewer line replacement, by keeping your sewer line in good repair and avoiding severe damage by catching small issues before they become big ones.

Here are some common signs that you may need a sewer line inspection:

1. Stubborn and Slow Drains

It’s not uncommon for drains to get clogged in a way that you can fix yourself. There are a number of ways that you can clear your drain, but if it’s still slow-running after you’ve tried everything else, then it might be time for an inspection.

2. Unpleasant Odors

A problematic sewer line can also cause unpleasant odors from your drains. The smell may be particularly strong when you run water. If it appears every time you flush the toilet or turn on the sink faucet, something is likely wrong with your pipes. You can try cleaning out any debris around where your pipe meets the floor and see if that helps. If not, then definitely call a professional plumber for advice.

3. Backflow Issues

Backflow is when water flows in the wrong direction. This can happen when a water system breaks and the pressure builds up or if your pipes are old and worn out. Therefore, backflow is likely to blame if you notice that your faucets are leaking or dripping.

4. Unexpected Water Bill Increases

In addition, if your water bill has noticeably increased, that could be a sign of a leak. A leak can cause you to use more water than usual, resulting in higher bills. However, if you have a leak and don’t notice it until after the bill arrives, you may not want to pay for the month’s water usage (since it wasn’t your fault).

Can a Plumbing Service Assist Me With a Sewer Line Inspection or Repair?

The good thing about getting a sewer line inspection or repair is that you’re not dependent on your own resources to do it.

You can call in a plumber to assess the situation and make any necessary repairs. You only need to pay for the plumbing service and then wait for them to give you an estimate. This will be based on what they find during their inspection.

In addition, it is important to leave this kind of job to professionals. Sewer line inspection is a big job. In addition, it requires special equipment to properly inspect the pipes. If you have a small leak, you can fix it yourself. But, if the sewer line is your problem, then best leave it to the professionals.

Some of the Top Sewer Line Services Offered by Professional Plumbers

To give you a better idea of what professional plumbers can do, here are some of the services:

Sewer Line Camera Inspection

Professional plumbers have access to specific equipment needed for sewer line inspection jobs. A professional plumber uses a sewer line camera to inspect the inside of the pipes.

The tool is inserted into the pipe and sends images onto a screen so you can view what’s happening in your sewer lines. Similarly, they can detect any ruptures or leaks in your pipes that need repair.

Sewer Jetting

Sewer jetting is a process where a high-pressure water stream is used to clean out your pipes. The plumber will use this tool to remove any blockages from the pipes. Unlike home remedies like boiling water and vinegar, this process can remove any debris from your pipes without causing damage.

Blockages and buildup

Professional plumbers can also help with any blockages and buildup in your pipes. This is especially important if you have a septic tank, which can become clogged with debris and waste over time. The plumber will use various tools to remove buildup from your pipes and ensure that everything is working properly again.

Sewer Line Replacement

In addition, when found to be necessary, a plumber can also assist you with sewer line replacement. This is impossible for a homeowner to do. Things like tree roots and even small animals can find their way into the sewer line. As a result, this can damage your sewer line and a plumber will need to repair it. This is something you should never try to do on your own.

Trenchless Sewer Line Repair

A trenchless sewer line repair is another service that a plumber can provide. This is also known as pipe lining, and it’s a great way to repair your sewer line without having to dig a trench all the way around your property. This is great for those who don’t want the unsightly trench around their home.

How Can I Prepare for a Sewer Line Inspection?

If you are preparing for a sewer line inspection, there are several steps you can take to ensure a smooth and successful inspection process. Here are five steps to help you prepare:

  1. Clear the area: Before the inspection, ensure the area around the sewer line is clear and accessible. Remove any obstacles or debris hindering the inspector’s ability to access the sewer line.
  2. Know the sewer line’s location: Make sure you know the sewer line’s location on your property. If necessary, mark the sewer line’s location with spray paint or flags to help the inspector locate it easily.
  3. Schedule the inspection: Contact a licensed and experienced plumber to schedule the inspection. Be sure to ask about any special requirements or preparations needed for the inspection.
  4. Notify other occupants: Inform any other occupants of your property about the scheduled inspection so that they know and can prepare accordingly.

Keep records: Keep records of any repairs or maintenance performed on the sewer line and any previous inspections. This information can be helpful for the inspector and may also be required for compliance purposes.

Average Cost of Sewer Camera Inspection

There are many things that influence the cost of a sewer line inspection, including:

  • The location and accessibility of the pipe
  • The size or diameter of the pipe
  • The number and type of joints in the system
  • The material that the pipe is made from
  • The depth of the pipe
  • The length of the pipe

However, for basic sewer camera inspection, you can expect to pay about $280, with an average price range of $125 to $500. Lowest inspection costs are close to $70, while the maximum price point is closer to $900.

How Often Should I Have a Sewer Line Inspection?

If you live in a home with a private sewer line, it’s important to have regular inspections. Yearly sewer line inspections will help prevent issues in your system. If you notice any problems, such as slow drainage or backups, it’s also essential to have these checked out immediately by a professional.

The Bottom Line

For both old and new homeowners, it is important to always consider having your sewer lines inspected. Not only can they save you from large repair bills, but they also help to keep your home safe and healthy.

Always consider having a professional do the inspection, as they have the right tools and equipment to do so. In addition, they are experienced in this kind of job. So you are sure to be in good hands.

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