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What Happens During a Plumbing Inspection?

residential plumbing inspection

A plumbing inspection involves a detailed assessment of your house’s plumbing system to identify potential risks, and hazards. A thorough analysis of your current house’s plumbing system ensures that the system will continue to run smoothly and save you from costly breakdowns. Let’s find out what happens during a residential plumbing inspection in Tempe.

Residential Plumbing Inspection In Tempe: Water Pressure Test

A plumbing inspection in your house in Tempe involves checking the water pressure. If the water pressure is low, it could be due to a clogged drain, small pipes, or water leakage. And a high water pressure also imposes risk. It could easily lead to bursting pipes. A higher water pressure often leads to leaks which eventually damages your walls and ceilings.

Checking For Flexible Hoses

Flexible hoses are a staple in any household. Copper pipes are replaced with the intention of saving plumbers some time and money. But after it’s disintegrated, it tends to burst or leak. A trickle can quickly turn into a flood. So during the inspection, it’s of utmost importance that the flexible hoses in the toilets, sinks, tubs are checked for leakage, rust, or fraying.

Residential Plumbing Inspection In Tempe: Toilet Leaks Test

During any residential plumbing inspection, they will check the toilets for any leaks or excessive running. Leaking toilets are the most common plumbing issue in any household. Often they are caused by old pipes or worn-out flappers. But they can be easily fixed. So make sure to get it checked during an inspection.

Check For Drains

Maintaining clean drains is essential in any household. If you hear any weird gurgling or notice slow draining or pungent smell then it’s time to get a plumbing inspection. During the inspection, they will check for backflow or leaks as these are the root cause for the weird noise or smell or low water pressure. If necessary, they might use drain cameras to look for any signs of damage and the potential cause of a blockage.

Residential Plumbing Inspection In Tempe: Hot Water Test

A home’s hot water unit is an integral part of the house. Hot water is usually stored for domestic purposes. However, improper installation can cause disaster. That’s why during a plumbing inspection, they will conduct a thorough hot water unit test to ensure there is no risk to your hot water unit.

Check For Moisture And Leaks

Moisture and leaks are among the most common plumbing issues in any household. Hidden leaks can damage your house and increase your water bill. If not leaky pipes aren’t fixed early, they can destroy the drywall, flooring, and cause mold. During a plumbing inspection, they check for potential leaks, rust, or discoloration of pipes, and stains on the walls or ceilings.

The Wrap Up

After the inspection is done, they will provide a report that will include what was inspected and if any hazards were identified during the inspection, and suggestions to remove those risks. We, at P&L Plumbing, provide top-notch plumbing service at an affordable price anywhere in Tempe, Phoenix, Mesa, Apache Junction, Gilbert, Chandler, Ahwatukee, Queen Creek, Scottsdale, and San Tan Valley. To schedule an appointment, call us at (480) 649-4400 or visit our website at P&L Plumbing for more inquiries.

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