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Which Is The Best Water Softener System For Gilbert?

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If you don’t have to deal with hard water issues every day then you are quite lucky. Unfortunately, that’s not the case for Gilbert residents. People living in Gilbert have to deal with the side effects of hard water every single day. That’s why choosing the right water softener system is crucial in Gilbert.

We also have topics on water purification and filtration as well as plumbing tips when you encounter low water pressure from the most dependable residential plumbing services in Mesa Az here on our site.

Find Out The Hardness Level Of Your Water Supply

Water hardness is the measure of how much calcium or magnesium there is in the water. This makes it hard to get soap bubbles if you are using detergent. You have to work harder, like scrubbing extra hard, to clean your bathroom or get rid of soap scum because of this.

As we mentioned above, the water level is considered “hard” in Gilbert. But if you want to know the accurate data on the hardness of the water level, call your municipality.

There are three options to treat the hardness of the water supply in Gilbert. They are,

1. Water Softener
2. Water Filtration
3. Water Purification System

Water Treatment In Gilbert, Arizona

Let’s take a look at the three main systems to treat the hardness of your water.

Water Softener

The main purpose of a water softener is to remove all the hard minerals from the water. Water Softener replaces hard minerals like magnesium and calcium with sodium.

But water softening systems don’t eliminate any viruses or bacteria or contaminants from the water. For these properties, the water softener is considered to be the number one recommendation for Gilbert homeowners.

Water Filters

A water filtration system is the best solution for your home if you are worried about the chemicals within the water. This system removes all kinds of impurities such as boron, lithium, selenium, chlorine, and lead among others.

But it doesn’t soften the hardness of the water. So to remove the hard minerals within the water, you have to use a water softener along with water filtration.

Water Purification

Water Purification purifies water from all types of viruses and bacteria. This system is more beneficial if you have a newborn baby in your household.

Based on the issues you want to solve, you can choose any one of these treatments for your households.

What Is The Best Water Softener System For Gilbert, Arizona?

Salt-based Water Softener For Gilbert

Salt-based water softeners or ion exchange water softeners are considered to be the best water softener systems in Gilbert, Arizona. This system completely removes minerals like calcium and magnesium from water and also helps to reduce the lime-scale buildup. This system is more efficient and longer-lasting and requires less plumbing maintenance. Salt based softeners are also ideal for the region because of the high hardness level of the water.

In this process, the water pressure forces the water into the mineral tank. This is the backwash phase of the process where the dirt is removed from the mineral tank. Sodium ions from the brine tank displaces the calcium and magnesium in the mineral tank which is then washed down the drain. The final phase rinses the mineral tank with fresh water and proceeds to the brine tank for the next cycle.

Salt-free Water Softener For Gilbert

Salt-free water softeners does not take minerals out of the water, but it does make the hardness of the waterless. Meaning, they are technically not real water softeners but they are “salt free water conditioners”. So when you have a salt-free softeners it will not allow minerals from your house’s water supply to scale surfaces or mineral buildup on your plumbing.

So the minerals remain within the water that you consume every day. That’s why for Gilbert, a salt-free water softener is not the best option due to the hardness in this region.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration System For Gilbert

This system removes build-up and chlorine from the water to make it taste better or be soft. You can’t install this in every part of your house because it is expensive. You can only install this in the kitchen and the bathroom.

So considering the hardness level of water in Gilbert, a salt-based water softener is the best option to eliminate all those hard minerals. That is, you get real softened water for your drinking water using salt based systems. While a salt free system gives you conditioned water rather than soft water.

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